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Part 3. Easy to sell - How to sell clothes on Acloset

Did you find clothes that you don't wear in your closet? You can sell those clothes and earn some extra money. It's pretty easy to start selling clothes on Acloset. This is a guide for selling the clothes in your closet.

1. List your item

The first step to selling your clothing items is to upload pictures. You can list your items easily by pressing ‘selling items.' Clothes images can be uploaded in two ways: ‘choose from the closet’ and ‘choose from the album.’

Option 1. Select from the closet

You can also list your items by selecting ‘clothes from your closet.’ All images and information registered in the digital closet are automatically loaded on Acloset, which is fast and easy to complete your selling posts.

Pro Tip 💡 You can browse your closet and sell your clothes. (My closet > Details of My Clothes> More View page)

Option 2. Select from the album

You can list items by selecting images from the album on your device. You can also add more images by taking new pictures. Uploading multiple images will reflect your clothes' exact condition, which helps potential buyers.

2.Buy & Sell

Adding information about the clothing item, like brand, category, status, size, brand, and color, is very important because potential customers can easily find your clothes.

3. Shipping

In the Acloset market, sellers and buyers can communicate through messages. Potential buyers interested in your items will message you. You can discuss necessary processes with potential buyers, including payment and shipping methods. Select the methods that suit you best.

It's time to package the clothes and mail them. Make sure that the package isn’t damaged. Provide buyers with the shipping information, including the tracking number.

4. Leave a Review

After shipment, it’s time to leave a review about your experience and interaction with the buyer. Leaving a review is essential to build a reliable community for sellers and buyers. Honest reviews will contribute to a positive and healthy market.


Now your closet is lighter, and you’ve got a little extra money.



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