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We at team Acloset are creating smart fashion with data and technologies

Many people today enjoy a more convenient life thanks to exceptional services powered by data and technology. However, the problem of dressing, which is very stressful in our daily lives, remains unsolved. It is not only a problem for individuals but the damage it causes to the environment because of clothing waste.
Our team is here to solve this problem. We believe our service, "Acloset," can improve the inefficient and stressful aspects of our daily fashion life by turning it into ‘smart fashion’ through AI-based digital closets and data. There’s no more difficulty deciding what to buy, no more late appointments choosing an outfit, or frustration from messy closets. Start your smart fashion life with Acloset.

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Image by Dushawn Jovic
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Our Mission

Make smart fashion becomes your everyday fashion life

We believe smart fashion can be your daily fashion life when we fully understand the lifetime value of the clothes in our wardrobe. As people become more familiar with their wardrobes, they learn more about their personal style and can make the most of what they have without making extra purchases. We will change typical fast fashion flaws by allowing users to sell clothes they no longer wear straight from their closets, allowing them to fill their wardrobe gaps at reasonable prices.

What We Achieved 

2.5 M

Global user

70K +

Daily uploaded
fashion Items

10K +

Style log
updated daily

The story of Acloset

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Heasin Ko

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Kijun Yun

Looko was founded by two IT engineers, Heasin Ko and Kijun Yun, to solve the common problem of not knowing what to wear. They believed that the issue of having too many clothes and not being able to find the right outfit was too complicated for individuals to handle and could be solved using data and AI technology. This idea led to the creation of Acloset, a digital closet service that helps users see their clothing options at a glance and find outfits that are appropriate for the weather and occasion. Now, Acloset has evolved into a platform where users can share fashion inspiration with others. In the future, the Looko team is now turning it into a digital-closet-based marketplace so that users can enjoy the entire experience of smart fashion including buying, wearing, and selling clothes.

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