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Fashion fades, Style is eternal Yves Saint Laurent

You know what you have in your closet when you make a digital closet. Now, let's look for 'My Personal Style' and utilize up to 200% of your clothes. Yves Saint Laurent said, ‘fashion continues to change, but the style is forever.’ So, here are five tips on how to find your personal style and achieve smart fashion in everyday life.

1. Create outfit ideas using your clothes

The beginning of finding personal style is knowing what clothes you usually wear. Visualizing your outfits with different clothing items is very helpful. Outfits for work, date nights and adventure are now possible. With Acloset, you can create outfits in three ways.

Place freely

Place your clothes on an empty canvas. Add the clothing items you want and them around until you think it looks great. You can also resize and tilt the image.

Acloset Layout

Not sure how to arrange your clothes? Acloset will suggest the best layout for you. Just swipe each item as shown below and then press select.

Select by category

Remember Cher’s digital closet in the 1995 movie ‘Clueless’? Swipe and search the clothes by categories. Find the best outfits to save!

2. Get style suggestions

Are you out of ideas? Don’t sweat it! Acloset’s AI algorithm recommends outfits for you based on the weather and special occasions. All to help you think outside the box! Furthermore, you just might find an unexpected and wonderful outfit idea. Look at the various combinations using your clothes and find inspiration for your style.

3. Plan and log outfits

Now, you won’t find your style overnight. Nevertheless, planning and logging your outfits will help you find your personal styles. Try planning and logging the outfits you wear on the OOTD calendar. The records will help you find the clothes and styles you really like!

4. Get style inspiration and Share!

Share outfits you've created so far with others. If you don't know how to wear specific clothes, try putting them in your feed to get tips from others. You can open your closet to the public to get ideas from others because you are not alone.

5. Style analysis

Acloset offers a wide range of analyses to help you learn more about yourself. Get a deeper understanding of yourself through style statistics. You can also find styles you really like. Try on clothes you rarely wear and lower the cost per wear (CPW). Better use of clothes with a higher cost per wear (CPW) is an excellent way to enjoy a smart fashion life.

What does Cost Per Wear stand for?


You can definitely find your personal styles by following the steps above. At the same time, you get to see clothes that don't match your style or wear well. Let's move on to the next step of your smart fashion life: selling clothes you don't wear instead of letting them sleep in your closet.

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