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Acloset is a space
for your smart fashion

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Our fashion,
it is okay to go on like this?

The fashion industry's influence on our everyday lives can have a detrimental effect. We continuously buy clothes, yet we only wear around 50% of our wardrobe. So the clothing loses value because it ‘sleeps’ in our closet with no purpose. So, we have a closet full of clothes, but we don’t know exactly what we have. Then we spend much time thinking about what to wear and getting dressed becomes very stressful. This is a problem that must be addressed. We must find a solution to achieve a better fashion life for people and the environment.

Big clothing store, many rows with hange

100 B

100 billion garments produced each year

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50 %

People do not wear at least 50% of their wardrobe

large pile stack of textile fabric clothes and shoes. concept of recycling, up cycling, aw

$500 B

$500 billion is lost each year because of under-wearing and failure to recycle clothes


Smart Fashion -
the future of our fashion

Smart fashion is the lifestyle of buying, wearing, and selling our clothes in a smart way. Smart fashion starts with knowing what you have in your wardrobe. No more stressful mornings picking out outfits because you can plan your daily outfits in advance wherever you are. You can also sell the clothes you don't wear efficiently and effectively and get pre-loved items from others. Earning extra money by selling clothes that are sleeping in your wardrobe and buying lovely items at a reasonable price will make your fashion life smarter.

Acloset is the right choice for your smart fashion. It’s simple to make your own digital closet and find your own effective styles. Also, by selling your unwanted clothes and buying pre-loved items, you can complete your smart fashion life, which benefits individuals and the environment.


Journey to smart fashion with Acloset

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Step 1.
Know your clothes

You might be surprised to find out how many clothes you already have. Smart fashion starts with knowing what you have. Your wardrobe is worth much more than you think.

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Step 2.
Find your personal style

Enjoy your personal style with different clothes and outfit recommendations. Freeing you from making stressful fashion selections every morning.

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Step 3.
Sell the clothes you no longer wear

Selling your preloved item is an integral part of smart fashion since it contributes to sustainable fashion, and you can earn extra money.

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Step 4.
Fill wardrobe gaps with pre-loved items

Buying pre-loved items that match your clothing style at a reasonable price will complete your smart fashion life.

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